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School Readiness & Additional Food Allergy Resources

Now that school is out, it is time to prepare for the next school year! Call now to schedule an appointment during the summer and get those school forms completed in advance.

FAACT has amazing resources for allergies in schools that are free to use:

  • 1 page flyer on Best Practices for Communicating with School Staff
  • Off to college with food allergies checklist
  • Food allergy documents for schools and choosing the right one for your student
  • Letter informing classroom of a food allergy student present and how to take precautions
  • Preschool considerations for parents
  • Link to Mylan’s EpiPen for Schools (I know Dr. Jain would be happy to sign a Rx to supply a school with stock epi, following all regulations, he has done this before)

All these FAACT resources can be found at https://www.foodallergyawareness.org/education/education-resource-center