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Pediatric Allergist in Bay Area

At Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic we help you find a pediatric allergist to help not only treat but help prevent asthma in your child. Contact us at one of our locations in Fremont, San Mateo, Oakland, Redwood City, San Leandro and Sunnyvale, CA. Schedule your appointment with the top pediatric allergists near you.

Pediatric Allergist Near Me Bay Area

When it comes to your child’s health and safety, understanding their allergies is a critical component for any parent. At Columbia Asthma & Allergy in Bay Area, we provide expert diagnosis and treatment services for children of all ages. If you have concerns about your child’s reaction to certain foods, medications, or environmental factors, our board-certified pediatric allergists can provide you with the information you need to keep your child safe now and throughout their lifetime.

Does my child really need to see an allergist? Isn’t seeing their regular pediatrician enough?

The answer to this question is complicated. Your child’s pediatrician does have some knowledge of allergies and may be able to provide limited information, but the truth is children who only see a primary care physician and not a specialist for their allergies have been shown to suffer from over prescription of oral steroids or other medications, rather than reaping the benefits of the type of specialized care a pediatric allergist can provide.

Our allergists are board-certified and have decades of combined experience treating adults and children. They understand the broad impact that allergies and asthma can have on your child’s education and development and they know the types of questions to ask your child to effectively determine the best treatment options.

Additionally, your pediatric allergist can be an excellent support for you as a parent. They can provide expert information about reading food labels and appropriate meal preparation if your child is suffering from a food allergy. While primary care pediatricians are certainly a necessary part of your child’s healthcare, seeing an experienced allergist is the best course of action if you suspect they are suffering from allergies or may have asthma.

Won’t my child eventually outgrow his/her allergy?

As is the case with many things that happen during a child’s natural development, it is possible that they may outgrow some or all of their allergies as they age. However, it is not guaranteed that this will ever happen, and you should discuss testing procedures with your child’s allergist should you think they have potentially built up an immunity to a specific allergen over time. Dissipation over a period of time is more likely to occur for allergens that a person will commonly come in contact with such as pet dander and that elicit only a mild reaction. It is very unlikely that your child will ever outgrow severe allergies to food or medications on their own. However, the immunotherapy treatments offered at Columbia Asthma & Allergy can help your child slowly build up a tolerance to their allergens, allowing them to eventually be able to live their life free from allergies. We are proud to offer oral immunotherapy, sublingual immunotherapy, and ultrasound-guided immunotherapy to our patients. These methods can desensitize your child to most allergens they are affected by under the professional guidance and care of a trained physician.