Food Allergy Testing Clinic in Oakland, CA

Do you live in Oakland, CA and need a Food Allergy Test? Visit Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic today! We specialize in food allergy testing, diagnostics, and treatment. Simply call us or visit our allergy & asthma clinic at 80 Grand Avenue Suite 500, Oakland, CA 94612.

Food Allergy Testing Clinic in Oakland, CA

Live in Oakland, CA, and feel you might be allergic to a particular food? Don’t worry; you are not alone! Food allergies are not uncommon, and there are many people out there who don’t realize they have one. Visit our providers at Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic in Oakland today for food allergy testing. We’ll help you determine what foods you are allergic to and test you for others you might not even be aware of. Better to find out at our clinic then out for dinner in the middle of a restaurant. A surprise allergic reaction to food can be dangerous.

How do you test for food allergies?

There are two methods of testing for food allergies we use at our clinic: skin tests and blood tests. Usually, a skin test is all that we need to determine if an allergy exists. However, there are times where a blood test is required to confirm the existence of an allergy.

What kind of skin tests do you perform at your clinic to determine food allergies?

There are two tests we can administer at our clinic: a Patch Test or a Skin Prick Test. Both of these tests expose your skin, in a controlled and safe way, to a liquid extract of a possible food allergy that is to be tested. With skin prick tests, we inject a small amount of liquid, just underneath the skin. In about 20 minutes if a little red bump appears (similar to a mosquito bite), we know you are likely allergic to that food.

A patch test involves enclosing a small part of your skin with a patch. Inside that patch is a small extract of food we are testing. It takes about two weeks for the results of this test to be read. So while it doesn’t involve the pricking of your skin, it does take longer to get the results to the test. Both tests have been proven to be very reliable.

What happens after my food allergy test?

In most cases, a skin test is all we need to rule out a food allergy. However, “false positives” do occasionally occur. In this situation, your skin will show a reaction, but you do not show any symptoms of a food allergy. In this case, further testing is needed to confirm whether or not you have an allergy. The most common follow up test is a food challenge test. At our allergy clinic, you will drink or eat small amounts of the food you could be allergic to. We will check to see if any symptoms develop. For the safety of patients, we strongly suggest this sort of test only be done at our clinic under our supervision. If done at home and not under our guidance, you could have a severe allergic reaction to a food. However, if no symptoms do appear, we can rule out the food as an allergy and can consider your skin test to be a false positive.

How can your allergist figure out which foods make me sick?

It can be a challenge to determine what specific food you are allergic to. Sometimes, it is easy: a rash develops immediately after you are exposed to a particular food. Other times, symptoms may appear hours later, making it difficult to track down the specific cause.

Our experienced allergists at our Oakland, CA area clinic will work with you one on one to diagnose your food allergy. They will thoroughly review your medical history and ask you a variety of questions such as:

  • What are your symptoms?
  • How often do they appear?
  • Does it depend on the amount you eat?
  • How long does it take for symptoms to appear?
  • How long does it take for your symptoms to go away?

Will I have to go on a special diet?

When your food allergy is difficult to identify, a particular diet may be needed to help our providers determine it. You will keep a detailed diary of what you eat and the amounts. You’ll be asked to avoid certain foods and record any allergic reactions you may have, detailing symptoms for us to review later. Our allergists will be able to pinpoint the food causing an allergic reaction with this information. After avoiding the food for a few weeks without any allergic reactions, you will then come to our clinic to try some suspected foods. If an allergic reaction occurs, we’ve found the food you are allergic to.

To protect the health of a patient, a special diet is only done under the supervision and guidance of our providers. Otherwise, you could have a severe reaction to a food, adversely affecting your health.

Where are you located?

Columbia Asthma & Allergy is located 3480 Grand Avenue Suite 500, Oakland, CA 94612. For appointments or questions about food allergy testing, please call.

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