Food Allergy Testing Clinic Near Portland, OR

Are you looking for comprehensive Food Allergy Testing near Portland, OR? Look no further than Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic. We have 2 convenient locations in Gresham, OR & Clackamas, OR. Call us for more information. 

Food Allergy Testing Clinic Near Portland, OR

People with food allergies have to monitor the food they eat carefully. Once a person experiences even a minor reaction, it’s sometimes hard to tell which food led to the allergy. The Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic has two locations near the Portland, OR area where patients may receive food allergy testing to identify the cause.

Identifying a Food Allergy

Not everyone has a life-threatening reaction to a food, nor does everyone experience hives. Sometimes, the issues associated with a food allergy are minor and just cause unpleasant digestive issues. Other times, they aren’t directly related to the digestive tract. For instance, the following are all signs of a potential food allergy:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Lip, tongue, or mouth swelling or tingling
  • Nasal congestion
  • Lightheadedness or fainting
  • Difficulty breathing

Diagnosing a Food Allergy

Once you come into our office for allergy testing, we ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire. This helps us obtain information about your medical history and allergies. Based on these results, we know if we need to conduct allergy testing, or if we have enough information to begin your treatment.

If you do require food allergy testing, we may recommend a skin allergy test. We begin the test by applying allergen extracts on your skin. Then, our allergist scratches the surface of your skin to encourage the serum to penetrate your skin. This encourages you to have a reaction if you’re allergic to any of the substances.

Another type of skin test we utilize consists of our allergy specialist injecting small amounts of potential allergens directly under your skin. Then, we wait for about 15 minutes to examine the area. We look for signs of a reaction like a welt. 

Not everyone who has a food allergy is allergic to the actual food. Sometimes, it’s a preservative in foods that causes a person to experience a reaction. For this particular type of allergy, we may perform a patch test. During this test, we apply patches with potential allergens on it. You wear them for 48 hours, and then we look to see if you had a reaction to any of the allergens on the patches.

A blood test is beneficial when looking for a food allergy since it can detect if you have any allergy antibodies in your system. We can’t determine the severity of the allergy in this manner, though.

Elimination testing can help detect a food allergy, and this method doesn’t cause an allergic reaction. Instead, you and our allergist discuss possible allergens. One by one, we eliminate these foods from your diet until we can figure out which was is causing your symptoms.

A challenge test is another type of allergy test we may use. Challenge testing allows us to see your reaction once you eat a small amount of food you may be allergic to. Once you consume it, we wait to see if you had a reaction in addition to what the reaction is.

Treating a Food Allergy

Once we diagnose a food allergy, we’re able to begin your treatment. Obviously, we’ll advise you to avoid that food and help you identify possible places where cross-contamination could occur. Additionally, our allergist can help you overcome your allergy by getting your immune system accustomed to your allergen.

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