Oral Immunotherapy Success Stories



Addison “Dr. Jain, Melissa, and their amazing staff made OIT such a positive experience for us and our daughter. The 6 hour round trip drive was worth it, knowing that she was being so well cared for. We are so thankful for this office and staff for the freedom and new life they’ve given us through OIT.”


Akhill “Allergic to milk. After 1 year of treatment, Akhill can drink milk now. Thanks to the doctor and the rest of the team for supporting Akhill through the process.”



Arjun “Thank you to Columbia Asthma and Allergy for helping Arjun get through OIT for egg. Our son is so excited to be able to eat cake! We are so happy that he has freedom from having to worry about foods with any trace amount of egg. Thank you.”


Briana “Dr. Jain’s Fremont office staff is the best!! Thank you for everything you do.”







Dustan “I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jain and his lovely and professional staff. OIT and SLIT treatments have given Dustan his life back. Last year we were unable to travel on an airplane without subjecting him to an anaphylactic reaction. Today he is eating PEANUT M&M’s and I am beyond grateful!”



Emma “Our lives have been entirely changed thanks to Dr. Jain and his amazing staff. Thank you!”




Keenan “I am so grateful to Dr. Jain and his caring and professional staff. I am no longer worried about my son having a severe allergic reactions to peanuts and other tree nuts when he is not with me. A great relief.”


Kenyon “I cannot thank the staff at Columbia Asthma and Allergy [enough] for helping my son move toward safer living in the face of nut allergies. Suddenly, four year college, and sending him into young adulthood seems less scary. Thank you!”



Keya “We are very happy that Keya successfully finished OIT. We enjoyed coming for OIT visits even though it was hard on Keya. Thanks to all the staff members.”


Khushi “Amazing experience for my daughter and us. From being scared to being in the same room with nuts to graduation to being able to eat nuts, we are so happy and extremely grateful to Dr. Jain, Melissa, and the entire team. Dr. Jain is GOD sent for us and we would recommend Columbia to anyone who is going through allergies.”



Leilani “Thank you for setting us free.”



Lincoln “We are so grateful for all the staff at Columbia Asthma and Allergy Clinic. We are so blessed to have found this office. Thank you for giving my son freedom!”







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Mira “Unbelievable–I never thought that we would experience freedom with dairy and nuts because we have been avoiding these for a decade. Thank you Dr. Jain and staff.”


Oliver “We’ve had an incredibly positive experience working with every staff member here at Columbia. Thanks to Dr. Jain and his staff, we’ve gained freedom for our son. We’ll be able to breathe easier now that he’s completed the program for sesame, pistachios, and cashews.”



Patrick “We are so so extremely grateful for Dr. Jain and the staff at Columbia Asthma and Allergy [Clinic] for changing our lives. We no longer live in fear and wish everyone with allergies knew about OIT for their own benefit.”




Ronan “Dr. Jain and his wonderful staff have made out OIT adventure positive, exciting, and safe. My son Ronan enjoyed the friendly nurses and staff, and he’s thrilled to have reached maintenance. Thank you for all of your support and guidance! You’ve opened the door to more freedom and independence for our son, and we are incredibly grateful!”







Santana “Dr. Jain and his nurses really do make dreams come true. We no longer need to be fearful for Santana coming into contact with her enemy, the peanut! We are so incredibly excited for what the future holds! Thank you Dr. Jain!”





Taj “This is an absolutely life-changing experience. In less than 1 year, Taj has become desensitized to dairy, wheat, rye, and barley. In the past, he would cough/sneeze with with any of these simply in the air. Now, he is able to ingest these foods these foods without any sign of an allergic reaction. Best of all, he should now be able to play with something he never has, but has always wanted to: Play-Doh! The staff at [Columbia] Asthma and Allergy Clinic are some of the nicest/friendliest individuals we have ever interacted with. We are so thankful to Doctor Jain and the entire staff for helping Taj overcome these burdens. Thank you!”



Thomas “‘OIT set us free!’ Thank you to Dr. Jain and Melissa and the whole staff for more than 1.5 years of weekly support. I can’t put into words what this treatment means for Thomas and the whole family; his world is about to get a lot bigger!”


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