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Allergy Testing Vancouver, WA

Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic offers comprehensive Allergy Testing for patients in Salmon Creek, Fishers Landing Vancouver, WA, and all surrounding areas. To learn more about allergy tests we have to offer, please call our clinic in Salmon Creek at (360) 940-0820; Fishers Landing (360) 207-2239.

Allergy Testing Vancouver, WA

Depending on the type of allergy you have, it can interfere with your life – from the constant sneezing while your outside to the hives if you accidentally come in contact with something contaminated with your allergen. Additionally, you could find yourself spending needless money on managing your symptoms. Instead, you can seek out assistance from Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic, serving Vancouver, WA and the nearby region, to relieve your symptoms and help you regain your life.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is your body’s response to a foreign substance. Your body thinks this particular substance is harming it, so your body combats it by producing antibodies. As a result, you experience symptoms that depend on the type of allergy you have. For instance, you may have hives if you consume or inhale an allergen while your throat may swell if you ingest it.

What types of allergies are there?

Although there are five main types of allergies, we tend to only treat two. One is hay fever, which occurs when you inhale an allergen like pollen. You experience symptoms related to your nose. For instance, you may sneeze or have an itchy, runny, or stuffy nose. Some people experience itchy or watery eyes too.

A  food allergy, on the other hand, causes tingling in your mouth. You may notice your tongue, throat, face, or lips swelling. Sometimes, it causes hives. In the most serious cases, you could experience anaphylaxis.

How do you perform allergy testing?

We start your examination by asking you questions about your medical history. We’ll discuss with you about the symptoms you experience as well as when they occur. We perform a physical examination. In some cases, we may ask you to document the substances you’re exposed to and what symptoms you experience when you come in contact with them.

Next, we’ll ask you to undergo allergy testing. We may take one of two approaches: a blood test or skin test. During a blood test, we take blood and look for immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies. The skin test consists of our physician exposing your body to different allergens. Once we expose you to them, we take note of your body’s reaction.

How do you treat the allergy?

We do supply you with education about your allergy, especially if you have a food allergy. We inform you about any other substances that could trigger a reaction as well as if you should watch carefully how food is prepared.

Our clinic specializes in immunotherapy. This particular treatment consists of our physician exposing you to your allergen slowly. As we continue the exposure in higher quantities, your body develops a tolerance for the substance.

We may use oral immunotherapy if you have a food allergy. We inform you about how to safely introduce your allergen into your diet in small increments. You continuously increase the amount over time.

Sublingual immunotherapy is another treatment we use. This treatment consists of our doctor exposing you to your allergy by placing it under your tongue in small amounts. We keep upping the amount until you build up a resistance to it.

Another type of immunotherapy our allergy specialists use consists of lymph node injections. We inject an allergen but in a safe amount. Over time, you build up a tolerance.

The final type our allergy doctors may use is subcutaneous immunotherapy. During this treatment, we inject the allergen in a safe dosage under your skin.

If you are still looking for an expert allergist in Vancouver, WA, book an appointment with the Columbia Asthma & Allergy Clinic, serving Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area, by calling:

Salmon Creek – (360) 940-0820

Directions to Allergy Clinic in Salmon Creek, WA: 2501 NE 134th St., Suite 200 Vancouver, WA 98686.

Fishers Landing – (360) 207-2239

Directions to Allergy Clinic in Fishers Landing: 1406 SE 164th Avenue, Suite 250, Vancouver, Washington 98683.