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Allergy Clinic in Clackamas & Gresham, OR

Our expert team of allergy professionals provide a wide variety of allergy treatments for patients of all ages. We are a trusted allergy clinic in Clackamas & Gresham, Oregon that can provide care in a timely manner. All expert care is provided by our trained and knowledgeable medical doctors and asthma and allergy medical professionals.

Allergy Clinic Near Me Clackamas & Gresham, OR

When your immune system creates antibodies to fend off viruses or bacteria, the discomfort you feel is worth the biological benefits. Unfortunately, many people’s immune response can be trigger by non-harmful substances. When you have an allergic reaction to dust or pollen, it is because your body sees them as invaders that need to be stopped. The result is that you feel sick without actually being sick, and that can be a miserable way to spend your days. At Columbia Asthma & Allergy, we provide exceptional allergy treatments that can improve your body’s response to allergens and help you enjoy your life to the fullest. We operate 2 allergy clinics in the state of Oregon, located in Clackamas and Gresham, to address all of your allergy needs.

What does an allergist do?

An allergist is a medical doctor whose specialty is identifying and addressing allergies. Our board- certified allergists have decades of experience and can offer you the insight and information you need to make better decisions about how you handle your allergy symptoms. We offer far more options for addressing your allergies than a doctor who hasn’t specialized in the treatment of allergies. When you visit one of our allergy clinics, you will have access to the best diagnostic tools available. We provide comprehensive skin prick tests, intradermal testing, spirometry tests, and patch testing that can evaluate every aspect of your allergies in order to paint a complete picture of your needs. Once we have determined the specific allergens that are causing you discomfort, we can develop a customized treatment plan that will help you avoid the misery of your allergy symptoms.

Why do I need an allergy clinic? Can’t I buy allergy medicine at the drugstore?

Of course, purchasing over-the-counter medication is possible for everyone. However, at Columbia Asthma & Allergy, we take a much more integrative approach to your allergy care. We provide comprehensive immunotherapy that can help you lessen your allergy symptoms or even erase them for good. By deliberately introducing small amounts of specific allergens into your body, we are able to retrain your biology to react increasingly less. This means you can overcome a wide range of allergies, so that you can spend your days without having to ever worry about them again. Immunotherapy, sometimes called desensitization, can be a truly life-changing treatment option for many of our patients. Our experienced and professional allergists and medical staff have the knowledge and understanding necessary to provide you with comprehensive treatments that can have a deeply positive impact on your life. For patients with environmental allergies, food allergies, and medication allergies, seeing a certified allergist is the best way to ensure you receive the right treatment for your unique body and needs. At Columbia Asthma & Allergy, you will always receive the personalized attention you deserve in order to attain the best possible treatment outcomes. It is our belief that dependence on allergy medication is not necessary for many people who simply struggle through by relying on antihistamines. Rather, treating allergies should include a scientific approach to immunotherapy that can deter and relieve symptom onset at its source within the body. If you are looking for an allergy clinic in Oregon, contact one of Columbia Asthma & Allergy’s 2 convenient locations in Clackamas and Gresham.

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